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Sales And Marketing Specialists In The Publishing Field

In the United Kingdom, one of the most reliable job markets for new professionals is in publishing. This reliability comes not from a wide range of jobs, as many publishing houses are small operations with only a few vacancies available. However, there is always a need for publishing services, whether it is the promotion of novels or the creation of electronic documents for corporations. In this way, sales and marketing professionals who are looking for an interesting job can find them in the publishing field.

Sales and marketing professionals, ranging from university graduates to experienced hands, need to realise that publishing covers a broad range of needs. There are small publishing houses which focus on a specific genre of book, ranging from history texts to children’s novels. As well, there are major publishing firms which put out magazines, non-fiction texts, and publishing software. Finally, there are corporate publishing firms which contract with major companies to publish reports and books for promotional purposes.

In all of these cases, sales and marketing professionals are integral to a firm’s success. Sales professionals are needed in the publishing sector in order to sell products and services to the broadest range of consumers possible. Marketing professionals work to promote publishing efforts in a variety of ways, including author’s visits to bookstores and online marketing efforts on literary sites. For both types of professionals, there is a lot of pressure to get the job done.

Sales professionals in the three types of publishing firms face the challenge of outselling their colleagues and competitors with other firms. Specialised firms often face less competition, by virtue of their narrow focus. However, sales professionals have to contend with a fickle consumer market for their narrowly focused product. In larger firms, sales people need to be intimately aware of their books and other offerings. As well, they need to be aware of the competition in order to provide selling points that set a publishing firm apart.

Marketing professionals face similar challenges as their sales brethren. Marketing specialists with specialised firms need to create clever marketing campaigns to convince consumers that their product is invaluable. As well, marketing professionals need to deal with competing campaigns in the publishing industry. Finally, marketers also need to combine their creativity, their marketing skills, and the corporate requirements for individual publishing projects. In the end, sales and marketing professionals need to find ways to distinguish themselves and their product in order to succeed.

Sales and Marketing Jobs – The Fastest Path to Corporate Success

The founder and CEO of a well-established group of companies noted that the first and most important rule in sales and marketing is to educate yourself first. That is the primary reason why you go through the long years of education, work hard to earn your sales or marketing degree and prepare yourself to go out to the very competitive sales and marketing world.

Many people mistakenly consider sales and marketing as two identical entities. While the there is a direct, significant correlation between the two, they are also significantly different. Marketing is about reaching and persuading prospective customers to avail of your products and services. Sales, on the other hand, is the process of sealing the deal through a signed contract or an availed product or service. Without marketing, you would not have prospective customers what it is you are selling. Yet, without sales, your daily closing income would be depressing. To put it simply, marketing only matters if it is, at the end of the day, converted into sales. There is a continuous cycle between marketing and sales, and you must be able to understand it in order to be successful in the field.

It is highly understandable why many new graduates try their best to land a job that would speed them up to financial stability. Many of them believe it is the graduate marketing and sales job they are aspiring for that could bring them to that desired disposition. Graduate jobs in sales and marketing are the fastest path for college graduates to corporate success. This can be attributed to the fact that sales and marketing jobs are people-oriented occupations.

Marketing plans are important to a business’ success. The weight of this responsibility is typically carried on the shoulders of college graduates who occupy marketing positions. Most fresh graduates start out as marketing agents in various firms. The job responsibilities will challenge you to produce results in the form of sales. In addition to the training that the company you are working for provides, you also continue to develop certain skills that are necessary for you to communicate better with your prospects and customers. Those skill will keep the company moving in the direction that would meet the needs of your target market.

On the sales front, you should learn how to treat every customer like royalty. Relieve the customer of any obstacle in order to make things easier for him or her. Remember that a single obstacle might cause him or her doing business with you. Because of today’s highly competitive markets, it is very difficult to acquire and retain loyal customers. You have to keep giving them what they want and, at the same time, do so in the most pleasing and professional manner. Sales professionals continuously learn how to read their customers in order to provide better service. Passion grows for their customers that enables them to understand their thinking and reasons for buying.

It is important to note, however, how imperative it is for sales and marketing professionals to allow their target clientèle to take the lead. Instead of coming up with new services or products that are not really wanted by their prospects and customers, they should be able to offer genuine solutions that will turn any deal into a no-brainier. Knowing your target market needs will get you a long, long way.

Those who are able to come up with intelligent marketing strategies as well as those who are able to significantly raise the company’s closing rate will definitely be recognized. This success does not come without the individual’s constant willingness to learn new things and continuously develop the skills they already possess. Those attributes are the things that companies are looking for in every employee. Having those capabilities will definitely get you recognized and promoted in the long run.

Many people believe that the motivation that drives sales and marketing individuals has to do with the commissions companies usually offer when reaching a specific quota. It is no denying that this is partly true. However, the more important motivation are the individuals that sales and marketing people deal and commit with everyday. As already stated above, sales and marketing is all about people. Sales and marketing jobs require the individual to deal with people everyday. With the training that you gained from school and the company you work for, the skills you learn everyday and the passion you develop for your job, is what makes a real difference to your clients and to your overall success.

Being successful in sales and marketing may come relatively faster than other careers, but it still requires time and practice. If you commit yourself, keep an open mind, learn from your mistakes and be patient, your success will follow shortly.

Are Your Sales and Marketing Staff On An Island?

Last week I was talking to a restoration contractor’s saleswoman about her frustration at not having spoken to her boss in more than three weeks. When I asked why, she said he’s busy and there is a lot of work going on and he’s especially occupied managing all the projects. She had left voice messages and sent him emails and texts but got no response! So I called him to see if the sales person was correct. Sure enough he said to me “I’m just been too busy for the past three months to meet with her.” He also confirmed that her sales numbers were way down! Hmmm.

First: let me say that you should NEVER be too busy to meet with your sales/marketing staff. Second: at a bare minimum, you should be meeting weekly for an hour, or every other week for a couple hours. Third: it’s not that one department is more important than the other. You need a TEAM working in concert, supporting each other, building on the others successes, helping fix issues and problems if you want a highly successful and profitable company.

YOU are the owner (or General Manager). You need to be giving direction. You need to let them know you are paying attention so they stay on track and fully focused. You need to be holding them accountable to their daily activities! You need to be making sure they are generating measurable income for the business.

Over the many years I have been coaching and consulting, I’ve noticed a significant trend: Owners and GM’s that are actively involved in their sales department have better growth, better sales and better profit. Rarely available or “absentee” owners (MIA from the sales department) often find their businesses struggling to survive. I hear all the excuses: production staff need direction, it’s hard to find good technicians, so I have to step in and help, I try to hire really good sales people that should be able to do well without my hand-holding, and many other variations. Even those owners requiring a “certain number of visits in a day,” don’t evaluate the QUALITY of those sales / marketing visits. It goes back to my gripe about “Stop, Drop and Roll” marketing, which is usually similar to a blind squirrel finding an occasional nut.

By comparison, I have a client that meets every other week with their entire sales and marketing staff (including sales estimators) and each person gives a report of their successes and challenges for the previous two weeks. They are each held accountable to hard numbers with specific sales goals and they don’t provide a litany of “busy work” activity. Simply visiting 25 insurance agents every day does not qualify as acceptable and productive activity.

Your sales staff needs to know: when they will meet, what they will report, why they are reporting it, the format for presentation (how), where the meeting will take place, and who they will answer to! Just don’t go overboard like one of my clients that spent all day every Monday in a full-blown meeting with lunch catered in and seven key people buried up to their necks in a wasted day. That had to be demoralizing for almost all attendees.

Your sales and marketing staff is equally as critical to your survival, success, and growth as any production member, don’t let them operate as if they are on island with no connection to your world!