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Stop Unwanted Sales and Marketing Phone Calls in the UK

How many times have you sat down to dinner with your family, or settled down to watch your favorite TV program only to be interrupted by the telephone ringing?

Frustrating at the best of times, but then you get up to answer the phone and it is yet another unwanted sales call. You calmly and politely explain to the caller that you are not interested but they still persist in trying to tell you about their product or services.

Staying calm, you politely tell them that you are not interested for a second time and, again the salesperson continues with the sales patter. Frustrated you just hang up.

What if there was a way that you could stop receiving all those unwanted sales calls.

Well, you can. The telephone preference service (TPS) operates in the UK, with just that aim in mind.

Paid for by the direct marketing industry in the UK, the TPS allows individuals in the UK to register their wish to opt out of receiving unsolicited sales and marketing telephone calls. It is a legal requirement that companies do not make such calls to numbers registered with the TPS.

Quite simply, all you have to do is visit the website, click on “Register” and follow the instructions to have your number included on the TPS register.

Registering with the TPS is completely free of charge and you will stop receiving unsolicited calls just 28 days after registering your number.

If you should receive unsolicited calls after this you can visit the TPS website again and make a complaint against the company that called you.

Bridging the Gap to the Close Through Inbound Sales and Marketing

The process of sales and marketing is not new to us. It has always been there and traditional methods have been handled to tackle sales processes, especially inbound sales. The inbound sales representatives were never clear on their roles and in turn business was lost.

It is of utmost importance for your inbound sales representatives/agents to understand their roles and have knowledge about the company’s products and services. It means the agents must be able to manage the conversation with the client by understanding his needs and giving satisfying answers.

The following tips will help inbound sales agents and representatives to improve their inbound sales and achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Give agents a calling process – This means train your agent to answer the call politely and greet well. An automated response creates a gap and should be avoided. The response must show that the agent is listening to what the caller is saying. The next step would be to offer a solution in such a way that the customer believes in it and gets hooked up. This would also be the time to offer promotions and discounts. Thus starts your inbound sales process
  • Say Please – This is where your manners should ‘kick in’. Make sure you are using the word please and thank you in your conversation. It gives a personal touch and has an edge over automated responses
  • Blend telling and asking – A great conversationalist knows how to ask questions and give answers at the same time without irking the customer. This strategy is called the question/answer pair technique. For e.g. I would like to fill out your billing address. Could you please provide one?
  • Pronounce the name correctly – If you are doing business with American customers, you know pronouncing their names can be tough. You don’t want to offend a customer by pronouncing his name wrong. Try your best to pronounce the name correctly and immediately confirm by asking Did I spell that correctly? Another tip would be to listen when the client pronounces his name
  • Adjectives boost your inbound sales – Train your agents to use nice language. It does not mean throwing in jargon or using flowery language. It means practicing sentences that exactly describe your product by using adjectives which will engage the customer
  • Don’t be too pushy – A lot of orders get lost simply because the inbound sales agent was too pushy. If you pressurize the customer to buy your product instead of creating interest, the call is bound to get stopped sooner than later. It has to be a gradual process wherein you create interest and explain the value of the product
  • Be prepared to overcome objections – The use of word ‘but’ can send your efforts down the drain. Even if the customer says No to your product, don’t get discouraged and get into the ‘rebuttal’ mode. Instead empathize. Try to put a positive note in your question and ask if there was a specific concern that the customer had regarding the product


Inbound sales are fast becoming a backbone of today’s business world. If you work on your call handling skills, you are sure to have a happy customer. Needless to say, it is important that your sales agents take care of your customers who want to place an order from you. Pay attention and Listen up!

Sales And Marketing Jobs In The UK

The general job market in the United Kingdom is benefiting greatly from the influx of new talent. University graduation rates are increasing annually, which means companies of all sizes are gaining benefits from talented young professionals. As well, the Internet and the decreased barriers between countries means that international workers are often seeking work in the United Kingdom. The professional fields that benefits from these developments are sales and marketing. The reason why sales and marketing departments are getting the best of increased talent is that graduates, by and large, choose these fields to work in. Both sales and marketing requires creativity, intelligence, and business acumen. There are several corporate sectors which interested graduates should search for a sales and marketing job in the UK.

One of the hottest fields for sales and marketing professionals in the UK at present is in telecommunications. We have all seen advertisements, in print or on television, which are creative and extol the virtues of cell phones and data plans. Sales and marketing professionals with telecommunications firms work on creative and effective advertising to keep them above and beyond the competition. This area of sales and marketing is particularly competitive, so creative minds need to be coupled with an ability to develop concepts that will separate their products from the competition.

Sales and marketing professionals looking for work in the UK should also consider the automotive industry. Automotive firms in the UK are always looking for people to promote and sell their latest line of products. Sales professionals can range from show room sales people, who work directly with customers, to fleet sales managers, who help governments and large corporations purchase mass quantities of automobiles. Marketing professionals typically review the tag line and past advertising campaigns of their firm and try to bring these older concepts into a new generation. These jobs are tough to come by for young professionals but training programs and recruiting firms can open up auto firm doors to exceptional candidates.

Finally, sales and marketing professionals need to consider the engineering industry as a good outlet for their skills. While the engineering field may be understated in its advertising to the public, young professionals can find great work with firms big and small. Sales people work with potential clients, including government bodies and large corporations, in order to sell engineering services. Marketing professionals work with graphic designers and advertisers to find outlets for their firm’s name and logo. These professionals often work on publications and website materials, as there are few commercials for engineering services.