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The Three Most Essential Things To Know About Sales And Marketing – Product Promotion To People

Helping people must be the core essence of everything one is doing on this planet. Helping people in all manner of ways that touches the deep emotional, physical, mental and spiritual sense of a person. All products, services or information that has ever been allowed to circulate among people have always been tailor made to do something that is ultimately helpful to one group of people or the other. That is what we are going to be talking about in further details now.

Think about it. Pick any product or service and look around for a piece of information that you can see someone making effort to get across. There always occur three set of events.

The first one is that there will be the information that we are talking about in the first place, there will be a product or a service that is the main agenda. This always form the basis of any help that goes around the world in different ways. The food, clothing and shelter we all talk about as being fundamentally important to the survival of the human specie bores down to this first element of our topic in the area of sales and marketing. There definitely absolutely must be a product or service or information that has a goal of helping people.

The second of the three most essential things to know about sales and marketing that we must mention is the way to get the very first element we already mentioned known to everyone that needs it. It is the promotion of the product, service or information. When talking about promoting an idea in our days, it can spiral into all manner of ways that will be difficult to list with a shortlist. The reason being that we have an unending number of ways to promote products today. Be it on the internet or off the internet, there are so many ways to get the word out to the target audience about a product or idea in our days.

Whichever way we look at it though, we must know that once we find something worthy of sharing with others that can help to make life easier or solve a problem, it must be promoted which forms the second most essential thing in our topic.

The third most essential thing to know about sales and marketing is like it. Now we have found a good product, service or information we love to share with people. Also, we have found a number of good ways to get the word out to the masses, the third step is to target the right people.

Ever heard of the phrase right product using the right process to the right people at the right time? This is what coined it all out. Just imagine having someone coming out of his house with an intention for driving the car to the filling station and topping up the fuel only to see a notice right beside the car stating clearly how much he will be saving if he can drive just five miles down the road, within the next five days of a promotion that is available to the first five people with the tag like the one he is looking at, what do you think will possibly happen to such a person? You guessed it. The tendency is high that he will check the filling station out.

This is how sales and marketing do a hand shake all of the time and those who understand these three main essential things to know about sales and marketing will continue to win the business side they may be venturing into.

The next time you are up for a launch or making effort to improve an arm of your enterprise or business, put these three aspects into consideration and you may be discovering some of the most important fundamentals that have not changed since sales and marketing has begun no matter how sophisticated it looks today. Find a product, service or information that helps, share it using all the most possible promotion methods you know of by targeting the right people that matter to the problem you are making effort to solve at the right time and you will always come up on top.

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Sales and Marketing Strategy

If you are starting out on your business, you might find it difficult in the beginning. You also have to worry as to how you are going to effectively market the products that you have. As you determine the sales and marketing strategy then you are surely a step ahead. You have to take in consideration that marketing plays a very vital role and it should not be taken for granted.

Also, marketing may cost you some amount but think of it this way, it is not an expense rather it is an investment. Indeed, there are some business establishments that consider marketing as an expense. Marketing is more of like a gamble and can be often times crucial. You have to risk and shell out money so that you can be able to gain potential consumers and clients. This will involve in coming up with ideas on how to get your products sold to various customers. You can wisely market your products at a small expense so you could be successful in your business.

You can begin to put your marketing strategy into action by getting your own business’ website. In this website, you can post the products that you have. You can also provide an online shopping page for your products. Make sure that your website does not look dull. The tendency of people is that they shy away from website that is boring to look at. Also, try to make your website people-friendly. You can try to provide a website that is easy to use that even first timers would not have a hard time on getting used to your website.

Another good sales and marketing strategy that you can do online is the product review. You can make articles about your products. Make an article for every product that you have. You should entail in your article the different details about your product. Do not forget to include minuet details about your product. Also include some details in your product that will entice potential customers. It is all about how you write that will make potential customers buy your product.

If you want, you could also try the geo location or geo targeting. You can take advantage of this especially if you are one of the many local businesses that have available real world retail location that caters your products for a limited local area. You can make use of the geo targeting or geo location for your online ads that can be seen only to users who have access to the internet from a particular area. This can be elaborated with the help of an example. Say for example you have a pesticide killer company that operates in your local city, you can make sure that people who use the web and browses for a pesticide killer company can see your ad. This is a guaranteed great marketing plan. You will be ensured that your money will not go to waste on people who will not access your company’s services. These are few of the many sales and marketing strategy that you can do for your business.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are like night and day. They completely revolve around each other but require different skills and minds to operate within. Sales staff do not often identify customers they sell to them. Marketing people identify customers and might sometimes sell to them but it is not a given. Marketing is a bigger more strategic activity.

Lead generation is marketing. So as a company owner you are completely responsible for the generation of business and customers.

A lot of companies out there rely on the sales staff to cold call to people (not customers – people) who are maybe looking for the product that you have. This has to be the most expensive form of marketing out there and the most time consuming. Its ridiculous to think companies are sending guys out knocking on individual doors (marketing) at a cost of EUR12-EUR15 and hour per guy while getting zero results most days. Look at the big organisations who get all the business without any effort. They do it because they are perceived to be the “place to go” for the service. If I want a new PC I’ll go to a store or online to Dell. I wont buy from a guy in a cheap suit knocking at my door especially for my business. My reasons are 1. I do not trust him as I do not know him 2. I want to buy for myself.

So get your company into a position where you are perceived as the “place to go” and it will happen. I have seen companies cold calling to get their name out there and they do not even advertise on the internet – the biggest market on the planet, where customers actively look for what they want and buy on a regular basis.

Marketing is partly about “Identifying your customer base”. This is what cold calling tries to do as a lot of companies evolved from one guy doing this years ago and eventually getting bigger. It works for small jobs and one man in a van. The internet has already identified your customers as they are there looking for your product. Use it to market your company. Try Google AdWords and Yahoo and MSN search engines, Google is only as big as it is because companies use it for this very purpose.

So do yourself a favor – Stop wasting money, Start marketing efficiently and effectively and Start making money. Advertise. It does not matter if its Business to Business. Just as sales is sales regardless of the market – Marketing is Marketing!!

If Decreasing Costs, Increasing Profits and Increasing Efficiency do not appeal to you as a manager then fire your staff so they can get a job with a real company and stop wasting your own money and their time.

One last point – When did your car dealer ever ring you trying to sell you a new car?

Never. Because they know you will find them when you need a car, But this does not stop them from advertising!!

Thank you

Phil Winston