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How to Boost Your B2B Sales and Marketing Newsletter Open Rate and CTR

Sigh. Guess what? It’s that time again. The day the dreaded company monthly newsletter is due to go out.

It’s OK – all you have to do is simply throw in a bunch of random content, slap a flowery subject line on there, clock out and head home. Besides, any way the Apprentice is on tonight!

But before you head out of the workplace to observe Lord Sugar demolish the ego of Britain’s next wonderful entrepreneur, take a second to rethink your strategy.

As each aspirant business tycoon is aware of, the key to a flourishing business, and an efficient marketing set up, is to convey your innovative concepts to your audience.

And what greater place to begin than the newsletter!

Far from a bit of disposable promoting content, 68% of marketers agree newsletters are the highest email messages which help to realize their business goals. Consider it similar to a business Twitter feed via email.

So in order to assist you, begin seeing your monthly (or weekly or quarterly) newsletter as a blessing, instead of a burden for your B2B sales and marketing groups, we’ve place together half dozen tips to realize better and more focus driven newsletters to help increase open rates and click-through-rates (CTRs).

1) Divide and conquer – section your newsletter for additional targeted messaging

First thing to consider – who is your newsletter speaking to? Is it for prospective or current customers? If you’re targeting each, you’ll wish to make a newsletter for every one that illustrates how you solve prospect challenges and one that talks about all the company developments and updates for current customers. Segmenting is simple to do and makes a large difference in terms of making certain you are focusing your communication to on the proper audience.

2) Get their attention then reel em’ in by using attention grabbing newsletter subject lines

How many emails do you get daily that you barely look at? Then again there’s always that one special offer, great deal or promise that persuades you to click through and see what’s within. That’s the golden ticket! Each marketing manager ought to be aiming for this magic touch with every newsletter they sent out. The secret is to research the most effective stat, quote or revealing truth and write a theme line around it for example.

1. Subject line: are you on the HR frontline?

2. Subject line: Harness the Cloud…

3. Subject line: cost or quality?

4. Subject line: the future of Outsourcing?

3) Give your readers what they need – showcase your strongest content

Many businesses are tempted to ‘throw in’ any old promotion they have into their newsletters. However your newsletter isn’t a merchandising ground for your latest product sheet. A newsletter has to showcase your strengths as a concept leader- and this can be where your journal posts can actually shine.

Newsletters ought to be recent and current – have you ever been writing regarding the most recent scandal or development in your industry? Embody recent posts that demonstrate your experience and understanding of difficult industry-related problems. B2B marketing companies have found that newsletters made of non-committal journal and blog posts perform far better than those jam-packed with promotional material. Bear in mind to incorporate CTA (Call to Action) buttons at the end of each of your journals and blogs to guides/whitepapers so your prospects will continue through the sales funnel.

4) However don’t give all your information away – tease with promising language

Brevity is the name of the game – therefore check that you’re writing catchy headers and summaries. And don’t offer everything away within the newsletter copy – bear in mind this short little bit of copy is supposed to tempt users to click through to your website, therefore you wish to convey to them just enough to tempt their hunger however not enough to satisfy their appetite! A 40-50 word copy per link is the right enough length to induce your purpose across, and encourage clicks.

5) Build it to stand out – build call to action buttons large and clear

Visually, your newsletter has to POP! Use bright colours, thumbnail pictures, actionable language and large call to action (CTA) buttons to indicate to users where to click. Rather like a landing page, the addition of clean, clear and interesting visuals, the higher probability you have got of somebody clicking a link and then downloading a chunk of content (and turning into a lead). Though it may be crammed with a collection of wonderful content, a bland, newsletter with neutral colours and extremely little mental imagery won’t perform well.

6) Keep the journey going – add actions at the top of the newsletter

Make sure there’s something for users to do at the top of the news report – subscribe to, call for a free assessment, sign on to your list. No matter what it is, you need to ensure you are encouraging your readers to engage with your prospects from start to finish and taking advantage of each and every chance to keep them reading.

Sales And Marketing Recruiting Business Growing Rapidly

Here at Cube Management the demand for our recruiting services has risen rapidly over the last several months, and we expect for it to continue to grow. Why? Many of our clients have a hard time finding and retaining top sales talent. So we’re focusing on helping them through that process as an engine for growth of their companies. On the other hand we also have found that lots of top candidates are having a difficult time finding great job opportunities, and so the mission of helping people to find great work is one that’s important to us – we like helping people find great jobs.

There are lots of people out there searching for top sales and marketing jobs right now who come to us because we’re uniquely positioned as a sales and marketing recruiting firm. The reason why they come to us is because we also provide sales and marketing consulting, outsourcing and interim management, and so our recruiting services fit very nicely with the rest of our service offerings, focused on helping companies in the technology, manufacturing, health care and business service sectors.

We expect the economy to continue to stay on an even footing and move even closer towards full employment, which means that more and more companies are going to be fighting for fewer and fewer sales and marketing people who are actually looking for jobs. Candidates who are engaged in a job search are going to find it easier to entertain multiple offers, which means that they can be more selective about the kind of positions that they are looking for and how well those positions match their core skills and core interests.

Since the job market is going to stay tight like this for the next several years, what it means is that companies that are looking to recruit salespeople, marketing specialists or marketing management are going to have to do a better job of finding, locating and extracting potential employees from their competitors or from other companies. This means that they’re going to need to engage executive search firms, recruiting and staffing firms that specialize in sales and marketing to do this very job. Candidates as they become more selective are going to want to spend more time focusing on points of leverage in their search. A great point of leverage that search firms can offer is that they have multiple job opportunities under one roof, where a candidate can interview once and then be considered for a multitude of positions.

That’s exactly the situation that we have going on at Cube Management right now…we have several searches going on for senior sales representatives where we’re able to interview one candidate for multiple job opportunities and then place them accordingly.

So, the landscape has changed a lot when it comes to recruiting and staffing in sales and marketing. The economy is roaring and we don’t expect it to change anytime soon. Cube Management is strategically growing it’s sales and marketing recruiting functions in order to keep up with the demand and also fulfill this important mission.

Benefits of Skin Care Sales and Marketing Sheets

In today’s skin care market, manufacturers and marketers of this industry have to utilize proper tools to open distribution online and offline. Traditional distribution of products in this industry requires sales sheets and samples to be submitted for distribution once accepted. There are many advantages of creating one page post card quality 8 by 11 sales sheets.

Create the sheets with the below content and with quality design.

Your logo
About Company
Product Specifics
Contact Information


Through printed materials be recognized and your products. By distributing your sales sheets with potentially samples of product to buyers and distributors, you gain chances to capture that potential market, since the product they see the most have better chance of being purchased.

Have your target market recall your products via print. Sales sheets can get you customers because it is recognizable and the recall for your product results in potential sales. With printed materials such as these sheets, you have the visual maintained in the memory of your customers.

Have your customer remember your product name. Do this by printing your sales sheet in an appealing way so it will last to the memory of your consumer. The name and label for your skin care product which is your image and brand is one of the keys to make your product be more recognized to the consumer.

Remember these advantages of using and developing printed materials to support sales and marketing so you could maximize on its uses to achieve increases in profits.